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Growing and Changing

I have been struck this evening by the fact that the kids are growing up so fast, and that life is changing for us all.


This evening was Leo’s “leavers’ disco” at school and it was the beginning of the transition from Primary to Secondary school for him.  He has 3 weeks left at Primary school, and I know that he is ready to move on to Secondary.  Next week he has his introductory visit, the following week is the (leavers’) school production and the week after, leavers’ assembly.  I am so immensely proud of the young man that Leo is growing into.  He is polite, considerate and thoughtful, as well as being self-motivated and well-read.  He and little Jack-Jack (now 4) have an amazing relationship and are closer than close.  I can’t believe that from September he will be taking himself to and from school.  This time 11 years ago I was still pregnant.


On Wednesday at nursery, I was handed a letter.  It was inviting me/us to a “Leavers’ BBQ” in a couple of weeks.  This is a very difficult time for me – that cannot be over-emphasised.  All of the children have been to the same (wonderful) nursery, starting with Leo in 2005.  Even more difficult, at the same time I was handed a letter inviting us to Jack’s Sports Day which is the following Wednesday; silly me – school and nursery are in different LA areas and Jack breaks up when we are on holiday.  I can’t believe that we are going to miss Jack’s last Sports Day, I am so disappointed.


Jack has now had 3 visits to school and seems to have enjoyed them.  So in September I will be dropping him off “properly” for the first time at “big school”.  Only 4 years ago he was still a little baby in my arms.


Anyway, I’ll stop there before I electrocute myself crying into the keyboard!

Such a big boy

Jack – Such a big boy

All grown up!

Leo – All grown up!

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Archie, Francesca, Jamie, Leo and Ciaran!

The kids were very excited to have cousin Ciaran come and pick them up from school today!

They played “tag” in the playground…

ImagePlaying “it” in the playground!


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Sometimes I just see beauty…

A few weeks ago, it was absolutely freezing here in the UK.  It’s now so mild that I think the flora and fauna are confused.  I took this picture near the kids’ school…

The beauty of a winter's morning

The beauty of a winter’s morning

That same morning, my car had such thick frost on it that it looked like a crown!  The kids couldn’t believe that it wasn’t snow…

Jack Frost was at work on my car!

Jack Frost was at work on my car!

I know my mother would curse me for this, but I am actually hoping for a nice thick blanket of snow…just for a couple of days, so that we can get the sledge out and maybe build a snowman.

The kids sledging on the driveway...

The kids sledging on the driveway…



I love being safe at home with the snow coming down thick and fast…one time that it did this, me and Dave walked the dogs up to the off licence in the village and bought a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the snow (winter 2010/2011).

...and this was *before* he started drinking...

…and this was *before* he started drinking…

That same winter, a couple of days after Archie started school, it was snowed shut.  The school asked parents to volunteer to come and shovel snow out of the staff car park.  Now, you must understand that at this point, parents had had over excited children at home over Christmas, and they had only managed either 1 or 2 days back before snow closed the school, so….

...our children *will* come to school tomorrow!!!!

…our children *will* come to school tomorrow!!!!

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Christmas Productions

Leo, Jim, Arch and Cesca’s school production was based on a series of Hans Christian Anderson tales.  Francesca’s class did “The Princess and the Pea”, Archie’s class “The Emperor and the Nightingale” and Leo and Jimbob’s “The King’s New Clothes”.  Class 1 did “The Ugly Duckling”, which was adorable.

Francesca as “Princess Deborah Decibels”ImageImageArchie as the mechanical bird…

Leo as “Announcer”Image

Jamie as David Beckham!


JackJack did a production of “Whoops a Daisy Angel” at nursery.  His best friend Lucy was Whoops a Daisy and Jack was a shepherd…


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