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SWYFC Football Tournament

Yesterday was the kids’ club’s football tournament. They were only doing age groups up to u10s, so Leo didn’t get to play.

Sadly, Archie’s team didn’t win any games. Jamie’s team won one, lost one and drew three. It was a bright sunny day but with a strong, cold wind. Brrr!

I’ve added a picture of Arch playing (number 9) and one of Archie’s team with the Reading FC mascot, Kingsley the lion…



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Educating Archie

So, home education! Not something I ever thought I’d be doing. But things were getting bad at school for Archie and it kind of crept up on me…so I jumped in with both feet and he’s been at home for about 5 weeks now.

I have to say that I love home ed so far. And this is considering that Archie is not the easiest child to motivate! I am finding out more and more about what makes him tick. And he is so much happier. We have done so many cool things; trips, making things, finding out about things….and I am learning as well (bonus).

I have attached some pics of his trip to Windsor castle yesterday with Nana and Grandpa.




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Cousins take 2!

So last night, the “Watkii” introduced cousin Ciaran to the wonders of Skylanders, as well as Leo and Jamie sharing a room with C for the night.  They took the opportunity to make up a “show”, but I ended up having to sit outside the bedroom door, as sharing with cousins was clearly too exciting and I thought 9pm was late enough for a 5-year-old!!!

One delaying tactic Ciaran came up with was coming downstairs to find me (after being put to bed) to tell me that “before bed, I brush my teeth, get my pyjamas on and go to the potty”…I had to point out to him that he had already done all of the above!!!

Ciaran and Jamie demonstrate their monkey faces!

Ciaran and Jamie demonstrate their monkey faces!

...and their cheeky faces!

…and their cheeky faces!

Ciaran found a friend for Poor Monkey in Jamie's top bunk

Ciaran found a friend for Poor Monkey in Jamie’s top bunk

In bed, but far from sleep!

In bed, but far from sleep!

Show time!

Show time!

Leo and Ciaran

Leo and Ciaran

Jack and Ciaran

Jack and Ciaran

Ciaran says Jamie is his favourite cousin :o)

Ciaran says Jamie is his favourite cousin :o)

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Football results (Saturday 12th January 2013)

Scores on the doors….

Archie (SWYFC U8s) lost 2-1 :o(

Jamie (SWYFC U10s) won 5-3 :o)

Leo (SWYFC U11s) drew 2-2 :o/

Sorry for no pics; I have access to pictures of Jamie’s match but I don’t seem to be able to upload any :o(


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Football Report (update) – 5th January 2013

Archie the Pass Master!!!

Archie the Pass Master!!!

As promised, a photo of Arch with his trophy…

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Football Report (5th January 2013)

We had 2 matches today, the first of the 2nd half of the season.  Jamie’s match was cancelled as the pitch was waterlogged.  I took Leo to his match and daddy took Arch to his.

It was a good match, and SW started very well, but at half time were 1-0 down.  The first 1 minutes of the second half were the weakest point for the SW U11s and sadly 2 more goals were conceded.  They pushed and pushed for the rest of the 2nd half and in the final minute were able to cross a ball in that landed neatly at Leo’s feet….just inside the goal!  So although he didn’t actually score, his feet were there just in case.  So with a final score of 3-1, Leo was awarded “Man of the Match”.  Well done, Leo.

"Man of the Match"

“Man of the Match”

Meanwhile, at the same time in Bracknell, the SW U8s were also playing.  As I wasn’t able to watch, I was reliant on either an update via txt from daddy or a final score when we saw each other again.  At 11.53, imagine my delight when I got a text telling me that Archie had scored!  His first ever goal in a match…then a few minutes later his second!  Yay Archie!!!  The final score for SW U8s was 10-2!  Archie was awarded the “Pass Master” trophy by his coach, who is delighted with how he did.  Sadly I don’t have a photo of Arch with his trophy right now as he has gone to daddy’s house, but I will try to post one soon.

All in all, I am an extremely proud Mummy, and looking forward to the rest of the season.

PS Whilst waiting for Leo’s match to start, Jack and I were watching one of the goalies on another team warming up with his coach. When a ball came Jack’s way, he passed it back to the coach, who offered to sign him up 🙂

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