Puppies from pet shops

Today’s soap box!!!

OK, first up, I have a dog who came from a pet shop…I did *not* buy him from there.  I acquired him last January after his original owner (who had bought him from a pet shop) had had him for about 4 weeks and decided she didn’t want him any more.

So today, being aware that his vaccination booster was due soon, I dug out his vaccination record and the paperwork that the original owner had with him from the pet shop.

A happy pupsky!

A happy pupsky!

I have often wondered about where Sizzles came from (before the pet shop) and supposed he had come from a puppy farm, probably in Wales.  He is a miniature Dachshund, and from what I have read about this breed, they can be noisy and fearful of strangers and dogs, which Sizzles is, but I wonder if this is partly due to poor early socialisation.

So I googled “Sylvester’s Pet Shop” and was more than dismayed to read that the proprietor of the shop had been prosecuted and banned from owning a pet shop for 15 years (and fined £17,000) for importing puppies from unlicenced breeders in Ireland.  Shame, shame, shame 😦

Anyway, SIzzles leads a happy life here, I think – walks, tasty food, cuddles, strokes…admittedly he’d be happier if he got to sleep in our bed at night (no chance), but……..

PLEASE, PLEASE don’t buy a puppy from a pet shop.  You have to remember that in “saving” that one pup, it leaves space for the next one, and does nothing to address the plight of its parents left behind in who knows what conditions to be bred and bred until they are no longer able to churn out pups.

Newspaper article

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Doggy treats – the homemade kind!

Ollie, Sizzles and Leia

Ollie, Sizzles and Leia

….and they were POPULAR!!!!  Even the kids wanted to try them…

Homemade Peanut Butter and Bacon Dog Treats

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