DeLorean Rock!!

I went out last night to see Dave’s band DeLorean. Dave’s kick drum was sporting it’s lovely new head and the band had popped 3 new songs into the set.

It was a fab night; oodles of people up singing and dancing…and a superb rendition of “happy birthday” (thanks guys x)

. the time we got home at 2am I had been awake for almost 24 hours so I hit the sack!



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A Fantastic New Years Eve!

Where to start?  I am so tired and maybe a teensy bit hungover, but with a massive grin on my face.

Dave’s NYE gig was at a pub/restaurant in Southampton called the White Star Tavern, and I am not afraid to take this opportunity to give them a shameless plug – it is a fantastic place, truly.  Part of the reason I say this is because in general I am finding that customer service is sadly lacking in a lot of places these days.  But also because as a drummer’s wife, I have felt basically invisible to staff in the places where Dave gigs – that’s when crazy Gary wasn’t throwing insults at me.  The other exceptions to this are, of course, the lovely Nicolai at the Royal Oak, Southampton and the late, great Roy Whelan.

The customer service was second to none, especially considering that we were being put up in their rooms at their expense and they were (of course) paying the band.  I felt at every opportunity I was treated like a valued customer.

Anyway, on arrival, myself and Georgia (lead singer Henry’s girlfriend) were shown up to our apartment, which had 2 double and 1 single bedroom as well as a kitchen, lounge and 2 bathrooms.


Our lovely bed!

Georgia and me settled in, shared a bottle of wine that she and Henry had brought and got ready.  We (and the band) were served the most delicious and gigantic burgers and chips, washed down with a nice glass of Chardonnay.



Ready to rawk – Dragsters style!

The music and dancing started and we were dancing away when who should appear at the window but the lovely Jem Easom (who we haven’t seen since our wedding over 2 years ago) and Dr Tom!  They came and joined us for dancing, drinking and general Dragsters styleeeee merriment.  Dave tells me that at midnight, he got 4 kisses (including one from me (but this was *not* the one that involved tongues!!!)) and I got 3.

So the music must have wrapped up at around 1ish and because Dave wasn’t packing up until the morning, we were able to have some drinks.  Together!  Shock horror!  I don’t know whose bright idea it was, but the plan to find a kebab shop emerged.

Have you heard the one where 2 doctors, a drummer and a nuclear scientist walked into a kebab shop?  Probably best not…

Dave and I rolled into bed at around 3am and woke at about 8.30.  Dave packed up and I got ready.  Although I was hanging like a bat in a cave, I feel happier than I have in ages.  And this was the view from our apartment window…


Chim-chimeny, chim-chimeny, chim chim chereeeeeee

A Burger King at Winchester Services on the way home sorted me out, and gave me and Dave happy memories of stopping there for a fry up the morning after our wedding.

I arrived home to find that Gareth (who was babysitting) had also dealt with the washing up that I had meant to load into the dishwasher yesterday.  I am hugely grateful to him :oD

So all in all, we had a fantastic night.  The opportunity to stay over made a huge difference to us and has made me feel like I’ve had a real break from every day life, which I’m sure most parents will agree is very important once in a while.  And seeing old friends was brilliant, or as the kids would say AWESOME and EPIC!

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Jamie and Music

Last year, Leo and Jamie both started learning trumpet at school, then Leo was moved onto clarinet.  This term, Leo chose not to continue withlessons, but Jamie wanted to carry on, and was moved to baritone.  He’s doing really well, and his teacher hope that he might be able to take grade 1 in 2013.

Here is Jamie doing a recital at the end of term on his baritone…


He also had a try on Papoos’ French Horn…


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