Francesca and the Bunny

My 7-year-old daughter Francesca wrote, typed, edited and illustrated this story.  I am ever-so proud!!


Francesca and the Bunny

By Francesca

One day I bought a cute, little bunny.  I called the bunny Rose.  One day I went outside to feed Rose, but when Rose ate her food, she turned into an elephant!





So I went into my house and thought and thought, and suddenly I heard a crashing noise coming from my garden.  It was my elephant knocking over trees!



So I gave Rose some more food and she turned into a turtle!   Rose was a very big turtle.  And Rose was a very colourful turtle.




So I tried to think of an idea.  I thought and thought, but I couldn’t think of one.  Just then I heard a splashing noise. Rose slid into our swimming pool.



I gave Rose some more food and she turned into a lion!  Rose was extremely fierce and she tried to catch me and eat me.


I was very scared of her, but suddenly the magic wore off and Rose turned back to normal.  I was delighted that she turned back into a bunny.



 The End.

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