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Valentine thoughts

On Thursday morning (V Day!), Jamie asked me what the kids were having for tea.  I said “pasta and meatballs”.  He asked what me and Dave were having.  We had got a £10 meal-deal from Sainsburys.  “Ohhhhh,” moaned Jimbob “Why don’t we get anything special?  It’s Valentine’s Day, don’t you love us?”.  He did have a little twinkle in his eye when he said this, but since we were doing the shopping whilst the kids were at school and nursery, I kept a special eye out and bought; heart shaped pasta, heart shaped cookies, fake “Ben and Jerry’s” Chunky Monkey ice cream…

Whilst shopping, I thought of an idea which I will be following up over the next day or so; a blog post about each of my wonderful kids saying what I love about each of them.

Dave and I don’t really “do” Valentine’s day as such.  He bought me a card this year, but I didn’t get him one.  We popped into Cosmo for lunch.  We had our £10 meal deal.  So how do I know that he loves me (shoop shoop shoop)?  When we were choosing our meal, I compromised on dessert – he loves creme brulee, I don’t, so I put that in the trolley.  On Thursday evening, he went to the kitchen to get pud………he’d swapped the creme brulee for squidgy chocolate puds that he knew I’d love.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is love 🙂

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