Snow Day! (part 1, no doubt!)

Luckily for us, the kids’ school decided not to open at 8.20am even though it had only just started snowing.  I made the executive decision to keep Jack at home from nursery (5 miles through snowy back roads did NOT appeal), so it’s officially a Snow Day!

I took the doggies for a walk at 9am…by the time we got back, their footprints were already disappearing into the snow (we were out for about 20 minues!)…

Sniff sniff sniff

Sniff sniff sniff



Snow dawg!

Snow dawg!

Only an inch or so at this point (9.20am)

Only an inch or so at this point (9.20am)

It looks like Dave is being sent home from work.  He’s meant to have a gig tonight, but the roads around here are becoming impassable, so unless it stops snowing now, I can’t see him being able to get there…

We are planning to head out into the snow after lunch.  Bets on how long the kids will last?……..

Meanwhile, Leo and Jamie were meant to be going to Daddy’s this weekend and the boys had football matches scheduled for tomorrow……….not gonna happen!

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