I have a post on beautiful winter weather lined up for later, inspired by the weather being experienced by my sister and her family this Christmas. Snow. Sigh.

The Wonderful World of Ciaran

…what do you do? Well, first you need to dig out the car. Remember what it looked like last night?

We cleared a foot or two of snow from the sides, back and top of the car. Our snow ploughing service showed up. The guy ploughed our driveway and we rushed to get the car out so he could clear the parking space in front of the house. It then looked like this:

Five minutes ploughing vs who knows how long shoveling! Our driveway was cleared two or three times this morning rather than once in the previous twenty four hours. I think they received some complaints! Jules and Ciaran popped to Safeways because we had to have chocolates to hang on the tree, according to Jules. I managed to do a bit more marking after I dug out the garage!
Then we decorated the tree. Jules desire for a…

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