Top Unusual Names 2012

Ohhhhhh dear!  I came across this article on the Yahoo! news website…

1.    Tinkerbell – Girl
2.    Nemo – Boy
3.    Sailor – Boy
4.    Buzz-Bee – Boy
5.    Zed – Boy
6.    Blade – Boy
7.    Zico – Boy
8.    Diesel – Boy
9.    Buttercup- Girl
10.  Bliss – Girl

There are no statistics as to how many children have been given these names…but I had a guinea pig called Tinkerbell once…and a bunny called Buttercup!

And Buzz-Bee?  Really?  Does this pass the “park” test (how does it sound when you call your child from the other side of the park)?  Or maybe the “register” test – how likely is you child’s teacher to gaffaw when they call their name from the register.  Or the “teenager” test – is your child going to ask to be called by a different name as a teenager and change their name by deed poll on their 16th birthday?

I thank goodness that my parents were sensible when they named me!!!

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